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Kheluz had done his best to avoid the human-orc….so if Smaug and Bofur said anything, well he had tried. Pulling his direwolf cloak close to protect him from chill, stray breezes, the dragon stepped behind Azog. He was silent, wondering if he should leave or open his mouth. Surely Azog would not recognize the drake… “I heard the Defiler was around causing trouble in new skin. By the looks of your wounds it hasn’t been going in your favor.”

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    Kheluz collapsed onto the cot„ his eyes rolling back for a moment. It felt like an ethereal shroud was slowly wrapping...
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    Inside the tent, Azog quickly grabbed Kheluz’s arm and allowed him to lean on him for support. He quickly eyed the...
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    (tumblr keeps eating half my post so here’s the rest, KHELUZ not BOFUR…goodness) Without another word Kheluz stood,...